Last week, everybody who is anybody in the technology world was in Las Vegas for the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. (I guess MY invitation got lost in the mail or something...) This year's show had some interesting gadgets on display, but no major blockbusters. Here's just a few of the big stories from this year's CES:

OLED and 3D TVs

As usual, TVs were the big stories coming out of the show this year. This year, it seems the new trend will be OLED TVs. They have the same resolution at a standard 1080p television, but are thinner, lighter, and able to produce sharper images and  even brighter and more vivid colors than HD. They will be releasing this year, but expect to pay a pretty steep price. By the way, 3D TVs are still a major story, and this year's show seemed to have more of them than ever.


TVs are not the only things getting smaller and stronger. A new group of laptop computers, called ultrabooks, also made headlines at CES. These laptops are much more lightweight than their counterparts, but have much more powerful hardware behind them. Obviously, the ultrabooks have some stiff competition with Apple's MacBook Air. (who once again did not make an appearance at CES) Whether or not any of the 60+ ultrabooks will be able to hold a candle to the MacBook remains to be seen.


This year is Microsoft's last year at CES, and they made a few interesting stroies on their way out. The big story seems to be Windows 8, the newest operating system from Microsoft. But with this new OS releasing just a few years after Windows 7, i wonder how many people are actually going to buy it. The oddest announcement? Microsoft plans to integrate Kinect, it's motion-controlled camera for the XBox 360, into Windows for the PC. I have enough trouble getting Kinect to work properly on my 360 as it is...

Overall, this year's CES seemed to be a little lacking. Usually, there's at least one big gadget or technological advancement that steals the show, but that wasn't the case this time. Rather, this year a bunch of smaller stories shared the spotlight.

Well, maybe the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in a few months will have some more interesting developments. And hopefully, my invitation to THAT won't get lost in the mail.