Thursday on Lubbock's First News, David Armendariz and Christy Morris, actors in the West Texas produced film The Arroyo, spoke about its production and release.

Armendariz plays cartel member Torrez in the film. The plot portrays the situations many farm hands and workers near the Mexico border encounter. Armendariz's character faces a moral dilemma as a result of drug trafficking around the border. Willis, as location manager, found local places for filming. She said, "Jeremy wanted to... do this in a place he was familiar with. He knew that he could count on the people here in the South Plains to step up and help out." The film debuted on Monday at Premier Cinema in the South Plains Mall.

On Wednesday, writer and co-producers Jeremy Boering and Jonathan Hay spoke about the film in studio on Lubbock's First News. If you missed that interview, you can listen to it here:

Listen to the full interview with Armendariz and Willis: