This probably won't be received well by some, but the proposed state-wide texting while driving ban is just plain silly and useless. Not to mention that it's a complete overreach of state government.

Now don't get me wrong, texting and driving is a bad idea. You shouldn't do it, and when I have kids we will teach them and pray that they won't text and drive. But a state-wide ban doesn't make sense.

This morning on LFN, State Rep. Charles Perry said that while he did support the ban, he doesn't think it will be a law that people will be pulled over for. Instead it will be something that people are ticketed for after they are in a car accident or run a stop sign.

Perry brings up a point that we have been talking about for a while now. How can you enforce a texting ban? Short answer: You can't. Perry's comments show that it's going to be nearly impossible to enforce a texting ban unless something happens first. So what is the point?

This texting ban is feel good legislation that lawmakers can point to and say, "See... I did something". People will still be able to check and send texts when they are at stop lights. They will still be able to read email and texts while driving. Oh, and of course, it's nearly impossible to enforce.

Distracted driving will always be around. Women will still put on make-up in the car. Men will still read the paper and drive. Babies will still cry in the back seat and people will still be messing with the radio station in their cars.

Texting will also be around for a long time. There are laws about speeding and people still speed. It will be tougher to get caught texting than speeding so what makes lawmakers think that people will stop? Personally, I don't think that many lawmakers really think this law will change anything. It's feel good legislation and most know that. However, just because a law makes you feel better about yourself doesn't mean it's good legislation.