A watered-down ban on texting while driving has passed the Texas House.

The bill, which passed on a 124-16 vote Thursday, would make it illegal to text while driving but makes it clear motorists could still read text and email messages on their cellphones.

Supporters said texting is a dangerous and often deadly distraction for drivers. Movements exist across the state by parents of children killed while texting at the wheel. However critics cited that the bill was too invasive and would allow police to harass motorists.

After an amendment to the legislation removed the prohibition on reading electronic messages on cellphones by drivers, the measure easily passed. It faces a final procedural hurdle and is expected to move to the Senate.

What do you think? Is a law banning texting while driving just another excuse for police to heckle you, or is it a necessary precaution? What about the bill's allowance of reading texts while driving?