This really isn't a political blog, instead it's a look back on the premarital counseling class that my fiancee and I just finished.

When people hear "premarital counseling" many think and even ask if there is something wrong in the relationship. Some people believe that going to this counseling class will just create problems where there are none. Then there are some who think it's just a waste of time. In my opinion, all of those are just wrong.

By the way, even if you think it will just create problems, wouldn't you like to know that before you get married? At least this way, you will have a counselor that can help you through the problem.

In the State of Texas you can get a marriage license for $60 dollars less if you take an eight hour premarital counseling class. While you might be thinking that eight hours sounds like a lot, it's really not and in fact I think it could stand to be even longer. Texas launched this program hoping that it would cut down the divorce rate. We will see if that happens, but even if it doesn't have a dramatic effect, I believe it's a good incentive.

Now, I want to clear something up. We didn't take the premarital class because of the discount. Sure, it's nice to have but the information we received was much more important. Yes, there were a few things that were (or should be) common knowledge, but for me it showed a new way of thinking when dealing with issues that come up on marriage. Does this mean that my soon to be wife and I will never fight? Hardly. But the class did open up one's mind to different ways of communicating and not letting a small problem turn into something bigger than it should be. I learned many things that I believe will help out in my marriage and that's the true reward, not a few bucks saved.

We both wanted to take this class because of the information we got. However, there are some couples out there who may not know that a premarital counseling class is a good thing. They may see the word "counseling" and attach a bad meaning to it. There are even some couples who may not even know it exists. This is where the real value of the Texas Twogether program kicks in. A couple will see the dollar signs, take the class, and really come away learning something about themselves and each other. We did.

I highly recommend to anyone who is engaged to take a premarital counseling class. The couple that taught our class said that they even had married couples take the class before, and knowing how some married folks are... that's not a bad idea. You may already know some of the information they give you, but I promise you will take good stuff away from the class, and you will learn something. It may even make your marriage better. That's worth eight hours isn't it?

If you need a recommendation on who to see for premarital counseling, send me and email