On Tuesday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Ross Ramsey, executive editor and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, talked with Chad Hasty about whether Rick Perry will really run for governor again.

One of the more popular topics to talk about in state politics is whether or not Governor Rick Perry will run for another term. Ramsey said Perry has had a record-setting run as the governor of Texas, and that he's proven against and again that he has what it takes to keep running.

"[Perry's] clearly got the political chops to stay in office. It's difficult to get re-elected as Texas governor and this guy just keeps doing it and doing it. And the question is whether he wants another term in 2014? And if he did get another term in 2014, does he want to serve 4 years, or does he want to want to run for President again in 2016?"

So far, Perry has said he's been open to many possibilities for his future. Ramsey said one of the reasons he believes one of the reasons Perry has not said anything concrete about his future plans is because of the Texas legislative session. He speculated that Perry does not want to be treated like a lame duck governor while the legislature is still in session. But, after Perry has reviewed all the bills, Ramsey expects that Perry could give a clearer indication of his future plans as early as Father's Day.

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