Driving across what seemed like the whole state of Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday, I noticed every little town had their town's Christmas decorations already adorning the light poles through downtown.

What is interesting to note is that all of them still seem to be using the decorations they bought in the 1960s! It's pretty cute and nostalgic to see. Some are lit at night, and some are not.

Seeing this piece of the way the did it back in the day squeezes our hearts and takes a little edge off the holiday hustle and bustle.

I thought maybe this was just our thing in Texas until I related the story to a friend from New Jersey and showed him the pics I took. He said that the decorations in his home town in Jersey were exactly the same. I love it!

I'm all for new, shiny and bright, but there is something to be said for throwbacks to a simpler time.