One of Texas Tech University’s original departments will be re-housed in the near future.

The Department of Communications Studies, which includes nearly 150 students and eight faculty members, will be incorporated into the College of Media & Communications.

Students of Communications Studies research the theoretical and applied dimensions of human communication, according to Texas Tech. They specialize in corporate-organizational communication, interpersonal communication and public affairs. The department also houses Tech’s debate team.

Texas Tech Provost Lawrence Schovanec said the decision to move the college came after several years of deliberation.

“This change reflects a national trend of greater national alignment between communication studies and fields such as journalism and media,” Schovanec said. “This change will enhance educational opportunities for students and research collaborations between faculty.”

Following regent approval, the realignment must go through the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools before finalization. Officials expect that to be carried out by mid- to late 2015.

Once finalized, the department will officially move completely into the new College of Media & Communication Building located at 15th Street and Flint Avenue of the Texas Tech Campus.