The Texas Tech University campus is the second largest, in land size, in the United States and it features Spanish Renaissance design and architecture throughout most of the major buildings. If you haven't had a chance to spend time on campus, we recommend you do so.

  • School of Architecture Building

    When I was a student at Texas Tech, I was an architecture major. Even though the effort wasn't perfect, the Architecture Building tries to incorporate the Double T into the design of the building (the windows). A few of the things I remember from spending time in the Architecture Building: riding the elevators was always an adventure and the building was always extremely cold.

    Robert Snyder,
  • English Philosophy Education Building

    The English Philosophy Education Building was planned during the 1990s and built in 2000. It was the first major academic building added to the southern portion of the Tech campus during the implementation of Campus Master Plan in the 2000s. The English Philosophy Education Building was designed to mimic the Spanish Renaissance theme of the original campus buildings. There is also a courtyard within the footprint of the building.

    Robert Snyder,
  • Texas Tech Administration Building

    The Texas Tech Administration Building is one of Tech's original buildings and it features two functional bell towers. In "Fight Raiders Fight", the lyrics 'and the victory bells will ring out' honor the tradition of ringing the bells on campus after Texas Tech Red Raider Football victories. In addition to the bell towers the courtyard south of the Administration Building house the Double T bench and the Preston Smith Statue.
    Credit: Texas Tech University

    Robert Snyder,
  • Holden Hall

    The design of Holden Hall isn't as striking and magnificent as other Tech buildings like the Administration Building, but it has just as rich of history as many of the older buildings on campus. Holden Hall originally housed the Texas Tech Museum and a bust of William Holden is in the rotunda of Holden Hall. Holden Hall also houses a courtyard which isn't visible from Memorial Circle.

    Robert Snyder,
  • Memorial Circle

    The final item on my list isn't a building, but rather a place. Texas Tech's Memorial Circle. The area around the circle has remained the same for decades and it honors those that have given their lives for the freedom of our country. Three flags fly at the circle: United States, Texas and Texas Tech. There are also plaques on the ground around the circle that memorialize specific events, like September 11th.

    Robert Snyder,