By now, most of you have heard about the whole Aggie Bus vandalism "scandal" at last weekend's Tech vs. A&M game. And you've probably heard how A&M was completely off base in their allegations. So allow me to offer a Tech student's view on the situation.

First of all, I had a feeling there was something bogus about this story when I first heard about it on Saturday. And I was right. Yes, the buses were vandalized, but it wasn't nearly as bad as A&M made it out to be. It was just washable shoe paint and some stink bait, not spray paint and animal droppings. And why was this guy tweeting about the vandalism when he himself did not even see it?

I may be a little off base here, but it seems to me like everyone loves to make Texas Tech fans, particularly the students, seem so much worse than we actually are. Every time a major network, like ESPN, comes to the Jones to broadcast a game, I get ten thousand different lectures on how we need to "behave ourselves," and how we are "representatives of Texas Tech." And whenever we get an incident like this, the media completely blows it out of proportion. Does this happen at other colleges too, or does the media just hate Tech?

I guess my point is this: I wish the media would stop making us Tech students look so bad. Yeah, we get loud and obnoxious at our games, but who doesn't? We aren't going to change anytime soon, so deal with it and stop adding fuel to the fire.

Though if we did want to change, we could maybe start by singing the fight song correctly? Just a suggestion...