Texas Tech has set another enrollment record.

The University established record enrollment for the fourth-straight fall semester, with 32,611 students on campus for classes.

More than 4,700 first-time students enrolled at Tech this fall, the second-most in school history. Undergraduate enrollment hit a new record of 26,583 students.

Tech has shown a 27 percent growth in enrollment over the last decade, and University leaders have set a goal of 40,000 enrolled by the year 2020.

More than 65 percent of the student body is from 300 miles away or further.

“More and more students from across the state and nation are choosing Texas Tech as the place to pursue their dreams in higher education,” said Tech Chancellor Kent Hance.

Hance continued, saying “As enrollment continues to grow at Texas Tech, we remain focused on raising the academic quality of our student body, and it is rewarding to see this reflected in the improved test scores of our new freshmen class.”

Tech’s graduation rates are also at a record high, conferring a record 7,009 degrees during the 2011-12 academic year.