The dean of Texas Tech’s School of Law has received an award named in her honor.

Darby Dickerson was presented the award by the Association of Legal Writing Directors to honor her contributions to the field of legal writing.

Dickerson received the inaugural Darby Dickerson Award for Revolutionary Change in Legal Writing during a reception at the Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The award will be given periodically to recognize those who have made fundamental and essential contributions to the field of legal writing.

A large portion of Dickerson’s honor was due to her creating the ALWD Citation Manual: A Professional System of Citation, which was published in 2000. The manual has been adopted in many law schools and paralegal programs.

“It was a tremendous honor to receive this award from ALWD,” said Dickerson. “Working on the ALWD Citation Manual has been one of the highlights of my professional career, and I am proud of the imact that it has had.”

“I am also proud of the work that so many legal-writing professors do day-in and day-out to advance our profession,” she continued.

Dickerson was also selected as chair-elect of the Section for Institutional Advancement at the AALS meeting. She has served as dean of the Texas Tech School of Law since 2011.