[Updated 12/30/15] Davis Webb has announced that he's transferring from Texas Tech University after graduating in spring 2016. [More details]

It was reported by the Toledo Blade that Texas Tech Junior quarterback Davis Webb could be joining Mike Jinks at Bowling Green in 2016.

Webb will transfer as a graduate student, which will allow him to play immediately should he win the starting job. He will only have one year of eligibility regardless of where or if he transfers.

Webb over performed as a true freshman at Texas Tech as part of a freshman duo along with Baker Mayfield, who transferred to where his heart was in Oklahoma when Davis was named starter for the Holiday Bowl. Webb completed 226-of-361 pass attempts in 10 games in 2013, throwing for 2,718 yards and 20 touchdowns with 9 interceptions and beat no. 14 Arizona State team.

In 2014 Webb under performed and while he garnered plenty of stats, 211-of-345 pass attempts for 2,539 yards and 24 touchdowns he just did not inspire a lot of confidence for the future. Eventually, partly due to injury, lost his starting job to current starter Patrick Mahomes.

In 2015 Webb played sparingly in a back-up role.

If Webb transfers he will be the 5th quarterback to transfer under the Kliff Kingsbury era along with Baker Mayfield, Micheal Brewer, Clayton Nicholas, who transferred to Bowling Green and then to Faulkner where he finally won a starting job and lastly Vincent Testeverde Jr. who went home to Miami.

This is not an indictment of Kliff Kingsbury and his system. Only one QB can play at a time and if you can transfer and play immediately why not transfer.

Webb will make his decision after the bowl game, who said on his twitter account that, "Last time I checked we play a great team and program in LSU and I'm ONE play away! That is ALL that's on my mind."

I wish Davis Webb the very best of luck in all of his endeavors. He has handled his demotion and back-up role with high character and class. If and when he leaves he will be just another step to making this roster completely made up of Coach Kingsbury recruits.

Marcus White, an offensive analyst at Texas Tech, and Stephen Hamby, who is an assistant offensive line coach with the Red Raiders, also are rumored to be joining Jinks’ staff.