Chris Due, via Twitter

Texas Tech has been named as part of a sizable transportation grant team.

Researchers from the Texas Tech Center for Multidisciplinary Research in Transportation are now part of a consortium to conduct research under the theme of “State of Good Repair” of transportation infrastructure in the region.

The group, which is part of the Whitacre College of Engineering, will focus on the impact of extreme climates on highway infrastructure.

The study is funded by a multi-million dollar University Transportation Center grant, which is provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration.

Tech’s share of the $2.5 million grant is $222,500, with the possibility of another grant depending on the availability of federal funds.

The TechMRT will study innovative highway materials, geotechnical structures and data integration for intelligent transportation systems, the impact of weather extremes on bridge infrastructure, and innovations in materials and construction of asphalt pavements to resist extreme temperatures.