A Texas Tech program is aimed at helping military veterans both in the classroom and in daily life.

The newly-implemented Green Zone program is designed to help inform faculty and staff about student veterans and their needs around campus, as part of the University’s Military and Veterans program.

The Green Zone program provides advocacy for student veterans on campus, and helps train faculty and staff about what the veteran population on campus looks like, some of the issues a student may have adjusting to campus life, and even dealing with disability issues veterans may face on campus.

Offices across campus display a Green Zone sticker to show that they are classified as a military friendly office. Currently, the Green Zone program has trained about 223 faculty and staff members.

“I have found people want to learn about our veterans so they can better serve them,” said Ryan Van Dusen, assistant director for MVP and creator of the Green Zone program. “Historically education has served veterans in multiple generations, however this is the first time this generation has had the opportunity to serve veterans.”