Texas Tech University has received a designation that will result in more research funding.

Texas Tech has received notice from the State Auditor’s Office, that it has met the necessary criteria and is now eligible to receive a share of the state’s National Research University Fund.

This moves the university closer toward its goal of becoming a nationally competitive research university.

The NRUF funding, which will now be made available to Tech due to the designation, could range from $8-10 million annually.

Last March, Texas Tech President Guy Bailey released information regarding a 10-year business plan for the university, with the end goal of their inclusion in the Association of American Universities.”

“NRUF eligibility is a crucial part of tier one,” said Bailey. “It is a benchmark recognizing the progress toward excellence we have made in recent years.”

A state lawmaker weighed in as well. “Texas Tech’s administration, faculty, and students have worked diligently to meet the high standards required to receive this designation,” said State Senator Robert Duncan. “I am confident that Texas Tech will continue on this path of success to be among the nation’s top universities.”

In an effort to boost the research capacity of Texas public universities, seven institutions, including Texas Tech, were designated by the state legislature in 2009 to have an opportunity to qualify for NRUF. Only Texas Tech and the University of Houston have met the criteria as of yet.