Texas Tech extended Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury through the 2020 season back in 2014 after a Bowl win and a winning season. He then took the team to a 4-8 season, and everyone got a little nervous about that extension.

Kliff is not going anywhere anytime soon, but things are not apparently as set in stone for his arsenal of assistant coaches.

All the Texas Tech Football assistant coaches inked new deals between early June and July. The University provided all of the information per an open records request made by A-J Media.

Besides newly-hired defensive coordinator David Gibbs, Texas Tech football assistant coaches all will be working the 2015 season on one-year contracts they recently signed. All the contracts run from May 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2016.

Gibbs had signed a two-year, $1.1 million contract upon being hired Jan. 5 from Houston.

Eric Morris and Mike Smith are the next highest paid assistants with an annual base of $260,000. For Smith, that's a raise of $20,000. Associate head coach Mike Jinks received a pay increase of nearly 12 percent as his annual base went to $240,000 from $215,000.

Just to reiterate, all of these contracts are one-year deals. The six coaches who originally signed on with Kingsbury that are still around originally signed two-year contracts. Those expired, and these coaches were only extended through this year.

It may be that Tech just wants to be able to re-sign the assistants on a year-by-year basis. It could also be that the long leash that Kingsbury has does not extend to his crew. If this year goes like last year, the powers-that-be at Texas Tech could give Kliff some Cris Carter-type advice and let his assistants be the "fall guys."

I think Kingsbury has a deep sense of loyalty to the guys he brought in, though. He worked it into his contract that the salary pool for his assistants must increase at least 3 percent annually.

Here is a breakdown of the coaches with one-year deals:

Offensive coordinator/IR coach Eric Morris: $195,000 (calculation based on annual salary of $260,000)

Co-defensive coordinator/DL coach Mike Smith: $195,000 (annual base, $260,000)

Associate head coach/RB coach Mike Jinks: $180,000 (annual base, $240,000)

OLB coach Trey Haverty: $176,250 (annual base, 235,000)

CB coach Kevin Curtis: $157,500 (annual base, $210,000)

OL coach Lee Hays: $157,500 (annual base, $210,000)

LB coach Zac Spavital: $150,000 (annual base, $200,000)

Special teams/WR coach Darrin Chiaverini: $135,000 (annual base, $180,000)

[via RedRaiders.com]

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