A program designed to help build character in some younger students is now being offered by Texas Tech.

The Active Character Program is an after-school initiative that serves as a mentorship for underprivileged youth in the area.

The program is designed to teach character through discussion, mentoring, and playing various sports. One to two fourth and fifth-grade elementary school students are paired up with a college student throughout the semester, and they participate in various after-school activities.

Currently, around 50 kids have participated in the program, offered at McWhorter Elementary.

“This program is so great because these kids get to see these college students take a vested interest in them,” said Jeff Key, an instructor and personal fitness and wellness coordinator at Texas Tech, who co-created and directs the program. “A lot of times, they don’t get that experience.

The Active Character Program takes place after school each Tuesday and Thursday during the semester, and students play sports such as hockey and lacrosse that are not usually offered in an elementary school’s athletic curriculum.