Late Monday night, Texas Governor Rick Perry announced the deployment of Texas Task Force 1 to Oklahoma in the aftermath of the tornado that devastated Moore. Texas Task Force 1 is Texas' elite search and rescue team. 84 members of Texas Task Force 1 were sent to Oklahoma.

“The images emerging from Oklahoma today are a terrifying reminder of how quickly the force of Mother Nature can devastate entire communities.  Our hearts are heavy for all Americans who have been affected by the recent outbreak of storms across our country. State emergency assets in Texas will remain on alert and stand ready to help our neighbors any way we can," said Governor Perry.

Texas Task Force 1 is a 600-member force that is nationally recognized for its unique search, rescue and recovery capabilities. According to the Governor's Office, the team was deployed to New York City following the terrorist attack on 9/11, to New Orleans following the landfall of Hurricane Katrina and, most recently, to West, TX.

Monday night, the death toll of the Moore Tornado was placed at 51 with numerous injuries throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.