On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Brad Bailey from Texas Solution spoke with Chad Hasty about their new immigration platform.

The Texas Republican Party Convention gets underway in Fort Worth, Texas this week, and immigration looks to be a major portion of the party's 2014 platform. Texas Solution recently came out with their own newly revised immigration plan, which Bailey called "Texas Solution 2.0." Bailey said that this new plan puts a major focus on border security, does not allow for amnesty in any form, and creates a new, stricter temporary worker program.

Bailey added that while many at the TRP support the measure, there are a few Republicans who still see the plan as a backdoor to amnesty. He explained that many of these opponents say the solution to fixing immigration is to simply enforce the laws already in the books. Bailey disagrees, saying that those laws are what got the country into this immigration problem in the first place, and that it's time to take action to solve the problem, not just complain about it.

"You've get a lot of people who've got a lot of strong opinions on this issue. You've got a lot of people who want to do nothing...nothing has been done on the immigration on the federal level, which is a federal problem, since 1986. I was in 7th grade in 1986. Both sides of the aisle have kicked the can down the road and put us in the situation that we are in today. We've got to solve the problem."

For more information on Texas Solution, visit their website at texassolution.us.

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