A bill filed by a Lubbock-area legislator would expedite search warrants for information against those accused of being child predators.

District 84 State Representative John Frullo has filed House Bill 2268, which would allow Texas judges to issue search warrants for certain stored electronic communications beyond the state’s physical boundaries.

These items are often key pieces of evidence for prosecuting those involved in internet crimes against children.

“Under current law, Texas judges’ ability to order a search ends at the state line,” said Frullo. “In our technology-driven society, this limitation hampers law enforcement’s efforts to go after the evidence needed to prosecute those who commit these horrible crimes and exploit our children.”

A number of states already have similar laws on the books, and have reportedly found them to be helpful in decreasing bureaucratic red tape when going after internet predators.

By allowing a Texas judge to order the search, as opposed to relying on a judge in another state, evidence of inappropriate communication with a child can be gathered in a more expeditious manner.

Florida, California, and Minnesota have already enacted similar laws to the bill filed by Frullo.