Texas has been ranked as the top exporting state for the 11th consecutive year.

This comes according to 2012 annual trade data released Friday by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Texas exports for 2012 totaled $265 billion, a 5.4 percent increase from 2011’s $251 billion, and outperformed overall U.S. exports, which only grew by 4.3 percent to $1.54 trillion.

“The fact that Texas is ranked the nation’s top exporter for the 11th year in a row further demonstrates that our strong economic climate provides a broad range of opportunities for businesses to succeed,” said Governor Rick Perry.

“Our longstanding commitment to holding the line on taxes, keeping our workforce strong, and maintaining reasonable regulations and fair courts has led to more than a decade of leading the nation in exports,” Perry continued.

The state’s top export recipients were Mexico with $94.8 billion, Canada with $23.7 billion, China at $10.3 billion, Brazil with $10 billion, and the Netherlands, which imported $9.5 billion in Texas goods.