The State of Texas is preparing to remove their involvement in one state park.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has informed the Lavaca Navidad River Authority that they plan to terminate the lease of property that provides for Lake Texana State Park.

TPWD has operated the 575-acre area since 1977, and officially opened the state park to the public in 1981.

“Continued operation of Lake Texana State Park is no longer feasible for TPWD due to serious financial constraints to our state park system,” said Texas State Parks Director Brent Leisure. “We are proud to have served as the steward of this site for more than three decades.”

The park will continue to be operated by the Lavaca Navidad River Authority when the lease is terminated.

The park provides public access to 10,000-acre Lake Texana that provides fishing, boating, and other recreational opportunities for more than 40,000 visitors per year.