Having solved all the other problems facing Texas, lawmakers are now taking aim at sugary drinks sold in schools. According to the Texas Tribune, House Bill 127 would allow districts to sell soy milk, milk with 1 percent of fat content or less, water without sweeteners, 100-percent vegetable or fruit juice, and in some cases electrolyte drinks (Gatorade).

The bill passed 96-46 and the main reason behind it was because of obesity and children. Representative Alvarado believes that taking one coke away from a kid (kids still drink only during lunch right?) each day will actually cut down on obesity. In reality, this is a stupid bill and will do nothing about childhood obesity. It just won't.

What is really scary about the article is the quote from Rep. Garnet Coleman. Coleman said, "This is about kids; we're not talking about adults. We have a responsibility to ensure they have a healthy lifestyle."

Mr. Coleman, you are wrong sir. You are an elected official. Your responsibility is to go to Austin and represent your constituents. You have no responsibility when it comes to other people's children.

Think about Coleman's quote and how scary that is. He and many other lawmakers believe that it's their job to make sure your kids are living a healthy lifestyle. What's to stop them from mandating outdoor time for kids, or even what they eat at home? Lawmakers aren't parental units, and we shouldn't allow them to think they know any better than us when it comes to raising kids.