Democrats love making you buy things, now a Texas Democratic lawmaker wants to force people who have certain types of dogs to buy insurance for the dog.

WOAI is reporting that State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (D-San Antonio) has introduced a bill that would require anyone who owns a male dog that weighs 20 pounds or more and isn't neutered to buy insurance that would cover personal injuries and damage when the dog is off the leash or out of the yard.

Sorry, but this is pretty silly. First, it isn't just male non-neutered dogs that attack people. This is just another overreaction from a Democrat that wants to be seen as doing something.  Besides, we can't even get people to buy insurance on their cars, do you really think we'd be able to make people buy doggie insurance?

Something else you have to think about is equality. This bill pretty much says that only male dogs are aggressive. Don't you think the feminist movement among female dogs would be upset by this? For years female dogs have tried to look intimidating, but they just keep getting more setbacks.

Rep. McClendon,  how about you work on real issues facing Texans? After we solve all the big problems we can focus on other stuff.