On the Wednesday edition of Lubbock's First News Tom Pauken, former Texas Workforce Commissioner and candidate for Texas governor, talked with Chad Hasty about his plans for the governorship.

Pauken served as a member of President Ronald Reagan's administration, and is a strong advocate for Reagan-era conservatism.  He said his campaign would focus on a return to "true" conservatism and grassroots politics as opposed to the current "top-down" model of big money politics. He also said he would strive to represent the middle-class taxpayers in the country, whom he feels has no voice in Washington.

"There's so many other issues that we've got to address in Texas and go back to what I call the Reagan approach of the grassroots-up conservative movement rather than this top-down, big money, a few people who are insiders running things out of Austin. And I think that's what we're drifting into and a party, and we're going to wake up with a nasty surprise a few years form now if we don't speak out for and represent the forgotten Americans, and those are the middle class taxpayers and families that don't have lobbyists in Austin and in Washington ans simply want government to be the servant of the people, not it's master."

Although Pauken agreed with Governor Rick Perry's views on job creation and abortion, he accused the governor of participating in "crony capitalism," and using taxpayers' money for investments instead of real improvements. He also advocated for an end to the controversial "Robin Hood" property tax system to fund school districts in Texas, as well as transportation infrastructure and lower property taxes.

Pauken also gave his thoughts on his opponent Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, calling him a "Karl Rove conservative" and accusing Abbott of being too easily influenced by big money.

For more information on Tom Pauken and his campaign for governor, visit his website at tompaukenfortexas.com.

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