A State fish hatchery may be closed due to drought.

Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Dundee Fish Hatchery is likely to be temporarily closed due to low levels in surrounding lakes that supply the hatchery with water.

The Dundee Fish Hatchery, located just west of Wichita Falls, includes 97 ponds, and supplies approximately 7 million striped bass fry and 7 million hybrid striped fry in a sizable spawning building, making it the State’s primary striped and hybrid striped bass production facility. It is one of five fish hatcheries located around Texas.

A decision on the hatchery will be made over the next two weeks. If Dundee Fish Hatchery does indeed close, production will move to other facilities. Largemouth bass production would suffer if the hatchery closes.

More on the Dundee Fish Hatchery is available here.