Frivolous lawsuits are nothing new. Neither are stories of high school cheerleader drama. But when you combine the two, things get pretty ridiculous.

Liz Laningham of Carrollton, Texas, filed a Title IX lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, Sami Sanches, against the Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District. The reason? Her daughter had a "disagreement" with a varsity cheerleader and didn't make the varsity squad. The lawsuit was happily thrown out of the court of appeals.

You can read the full story for all the details. (I'll spare you folks all the juvenile "he said, she said,") However, the complaints this woman includes in her lawsuit are so inane and ridiculous, they're worth repeating:

1.) The school did not remove the freshman cheerleading squad captain after she told Sanches she'd kissed her boyfriend.

2.) The way the squad chose jump sequences at homecoming was patently unfair.

3.) Rank favoritism.

4.) The scheduling of the end-of-year banquet for cheerleaders was too favorable to senior girls.

5.) Laningham was threatened with a lawsuit by other parents because she failed to return cheerleading videos.

Obviously, these complaints have nothing to do with the sexual discrimination Title IX is suppose to protect against. What we have is an over-zealous woman who apparently had nothing better to do than to meddle in her daughter's affairs. I'm so glad the courts did not pander to this nonsense and threw this suit out.