On the Thursday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott talked with Chad Hasty about some of big issues affecting Texas.

Abbott's office, along with several children's advocacy groups and coaches from across Texas, are teaming up for the "One With Courage" campaign against child sexual abuse. Abbott said that his office is heavily involved with child sexual assault cases, and the campaign serves to raise awareness about the crime and how to protect children against it. Coaches involved with the campaign include University of Texas ahead coach Mack Brown and A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin.

Abbott said that children will not usually speak up if they have been the victims of sexual violence, so parents need to encourage them to speak up and look for signs of possible abuse

"Parents need to look for objective differences in a child's behavior. They may become more withdrawn, they may start using drugs, they may change their daily activities. If a parent notices anything different about the normal behavioral patterns of a child, they need to begin to talk to the child and be open with the child."

Abbott also talked about Obamacare and its effect on the state of Texas. He said that Americans were fooled into thinking they were getting free healthcare, and warned that nothing comes for free, especially if it comes from the government. Abbott also gave his thoughts on synthetic marijuana, and what kind of action a city can take against it.

For more information on One With Courage, visit the attorney general's website at texasattorneygeneral.gov. You can also follow Greg Abbott on Twitter: @GregAbbott_TX.