On the Wednesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign for governor of Texas.

Over the weekend, Abbott officially announced his run for Governor of Texas at a press event in San Antonio. During the interview, he said that he is more than ready to lead the fight in keeping Texas a strong, conservative state and fighting back against an overreaching liberal government.

"During my tenure as Attorney General, I've been the general on the battlefield of waging this fight to keep Texas stronger and more independent. Now I'm just going to be moving from the general on the battlefield to the commander-in-chief, where we will continue to wage these fights. But also, at the same time, continue to cause Texas to lead the nation in creating new jobs and and keeping our economy the very best of any state in the entire country.

Abbott said that, if elected, one of his top priority as Governor would be securing Texas borders and cracking down on "cross border crimes." He said that drug cartels and illegal immigration have been putting citizens of Texas in danger, particularly in the southernmost parts of the state. Abbott went on to say that he intends to do what the federal government could not and put "boots to the ground" to secure the border.

Abbott also spoke on education reform, saying that students need to be empowered regardless of whether they go to college or straight into a career or trade school, and that teachers need to be empowered and give them the freedom to teach what they want, not just teaching to the test. He also spoke about the importance of the second Amendment and his stance in favor of campus carry and open carry.

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