On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Dan Branch, Republican candidate for Texas Attorney General, talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign.

In his travels campaigning across the state of Texas, one of the things Branch has heard from many Texans is how worried they are about the overreach of federal government. Branch said that, especially in Texas, the government is encroaching on the freedoms and liberties of the people. He added that Texans are looking for someone who's not just as strong as current attorney general Greg Abbott, but even stronger.

But it's not just federal overreach that is putting Texas in trouble, according to Branch. He said there is also an issue with federal "under reach," specifically when it comes to border security. Branch added that, as attorney general, it would be his job to fight against a government that overreaches on powers it doesn't have, yet chooses to ignore its constitutional jobs.

"For me, the next attorney general is going to have to stand up to a federal government that seems to be able to overreach on things it shouldn't and violate the 9th and 10 amendments. But then, when it comes to constitutional responsibilities to protect a state that has a long international border, it's failing miserably."

For more information on Dan Branch and his campaign for Texas Attorney General, visit his website at danbranch.com.

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