Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples spoke with KFYO News about narco-terrorism along the Texas-Mexico border and his presentation in San Angelo on Tuesday about the impact of the violence in Texas.

Staples criticized the Obama Admnistration and Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano for the lack of attention along the Texas border. "Farmers and ranchers are being chased off their property and being intimidated," said Staples.

He continued saying, "Texas happens to be on the front line. Farmers and ranchers came to me and are begging for relief. This is not just a Texas problem, but a national security problem."

Staples said Texas has only 6 border agents per border mile while California and Arizona have 14 agents per border mile.

93% of the Texas border with Mexico is unincorporated and largely rural, according to Staples. While trade with Mexico, the top trading partner with Texas, is mostly unaffected Staples is still concerned over the potential of this being impacted more with the Federal Government not intervening.

"The bottom line is this," said Staples, "bullet holes don't lie and dead bodies tell a powerful story. We have too many of both in the Lone Star State that is associated with this narco-terroristic activity."