One Texas officeholder has released a statement regarding the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said “In our daily rush to Starbucks, school, and work, we often lose sight of the important things in life. Things like freedom, family, and faith. These are the gifts that make America great, but they weren’t won in a lottery. Our blessings of peace and good fortune were fought for and defended by our men and women in uniform.”

Staples discussed the heroes who sacrificed for the greater good of the families and country, and defended the freedom of the United States.

“If not for the courage of our fallen patriots, the land might not be so free. Look around the world today and you’ll find chaos and death in Syria, Somalia, and Yemen to name a few. These places may be out of sight, but they must never be out of mind – nor should the memories of our heroes who spared us a similar fate.

Locally, the City of Lubbock will hold their 10th annual Memorial Day Service at the City of Lubbock Cemetery on Monday, May 28th at 10 a.m. More information on that service is available here.