Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Lubbock, the home of Tent City

Yesterday's City Council meeting was surprising, not because they allowed Tent City to stay a bit longer, but because of the time they were given. 30 months. Yes, I got it right not days, but months. It was also surprising that it was Mayor Tom Martin who came up with the plan. Reaction on Facebook wasn't very positive, but what do you think about the decision? Mayor Martin will be on the show at 7 to take your questions.

2. TTAA responds

The Texas Tech Alumni Association is now responding to the Daily Toreador's article about RaiderPark-Gate. Bill Dean of the TTAA will join LFN at 6:35 am. Here is the statement that was released yesterday:

In a story that ran in The Daily Toreador Oct. 26 regarding RaiderPark, there are allegations of improprieties and wrongdoings on the part of the Texas Tech Alumni Association. At no time was there special treatment given to members of the TTAA National Board of Directors, staff or outside entities with regard to RaiderPark.

In 2009, the 33-member TTAA National Board voted unanimously to participate in this project. This vote was taken after the Texas Tech Board of Regents agreed to become a partner in RaiderPark.

Initially the Red Raider Club was very enthusiastic about the parking garage but did not want it to interfere with the parking they handle around Jones AT&T Stadium. It was agreed that TTAA would sell the spaces with aid and assistance from the RRC.

The Daily Toreador article said nothing about a parking study that was done by Tech’s parking consultant. That study indicated that building the garage last year was premature but strongly urged the university to participate because it would be considerably less expensive than building one of their own and their projections indicated that with the growth of the student body Tech would run out of student parking in the next three to four years.

The article implies that the Isoms received a “sweetheart deal” because they “spearheaded” the drive to build the McKenzie-Merket expansion. The drive to raise $4 million was spearheaded by Nelda Laney, immediate past president of the board. She was successful in raising $4,034,672. The Isom family’s gift to the project represented less than one percent of that total. Rex Isom told our board he was an investor and he did not care whether we entered into the agreement or not. He did not vote when the vote was taken.

The money that we have paid RaiderPark has not come out of any contributed money. It has come out of credit card earnings that span the last 10 years. Rex Isom assured Executive Vice President Bill Dean last year that the alumni association would not lose any money on this project.

The association feels the project is a good investment in Tech’s future as the parking study showed a critical need for additional parking in the next three or so years. Because we partner with the university and the Red Raider Club, the TTAA believes this is an investment in the future of Tech.



3. Teens dancing too frisky at Homecoming Dance? (link)

A story like this pops up about once a year with someone asking the question, "should teens be allowed to dance like that at a HS dance?"

dance moves on display last weekend and questioning whether there is anything the administration could do to make future events more G-rated — or at least PG-13. Modifying the hip-hop heavy playlist, perhaps? Holding separate events for those who don’t want to participate?

Sebastian Medina-Tayac, editor of the Silver Chips student newspaper, joined the discussion to ask for a little perspective. Grinding has little sexual meaning to most teens, he wrote. Rather, it’s the basic dancing style of their generation and it’s as prevalent at bar mitzvahs and house parties as it is at school dances.

At Oakland Mills High School in Howard County, the principal released a page-long list of rules before the prom including no “grinding,” “doggy dancing” or “front piggy-backing.”

So parents, are kids dancing too frisky these days?

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