Ten Amarillo residents were recently arrested for their alleged involvement in drug smuggling organizations throughout the Texas Panhandle, announced the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The 10 were arrested in addition to 19 other suspects who were arrested during the multi-agency investigation in 2013 and 2014. The department reported 18 firearms, around $500,000 in cash, more than 37 pounds methamphetamine and more than 24 pounds of cocaine seized throughout the investigation that began in 2011.
The arrestees were John Eric Perez, 27; Leslie Price, 30; Anthony Archer, 34; Lorena Mendoza, 35; Rony Romero, 30; Christina Sengthavone, 29; Jacqueline Zuniga; Tushuma Espy; Jason McKay, 39; Vincent Garcia, 39.
All suspects were charged with the first-degree felony of engaging in organized criminal activity.