Former state Solicitor General Ted Cruz has raised $1.7 million from mid May to the end of June, out raising Lt. Governor David Dewhurst by $200,000 over the same period in the Republican Primary runoff for the U.S. Senate.

Texas Tribune reported Monday afternoon that Dewhurst loaned his campaign money again, adding $4.5 million making his total loans to his campaign around $15 million.

Cruz is touting that he has over 29,000 donors, many of his donors are repeat donors and the total number of his donors far outnumber that of the Lt. Governor.

Conservative business group, The Club for Growth, made a $1.5 million ad buy for Cruz across Texas in television and radio spots to aid Cruz and attack Dewhurst for support of a “Wage Tax” in past legislative sessions.

The help from The Club for Growth ads have attacked Dewhurst as not being conservative enough to represent Texas in the Senate while Cruz has touted his credentials as a “constitutionalist” and a “fighter.”

Dewhurst has painted Cruz and a Washington insider and has tried to exploit Cruz working at a law firm which defended a Chinese company in a patent lawsuit.