The legal drama between Texas Tech and its former head football coach continues.

Texas Tech rejected a settlement offer by former football coach Mike Leach, following consideration by the Texas Tech Board of Regents.

The offer was made on November 28th, only two days before Leach was hired by the Washington State Cougars. Leach’s terms were to be paid “simply what I was owed under the contract for working in 2009, which I completed except for one day.”

Texas Tech attorney Dicky Grigg issued a press release Friday afternoon, saying “Texas Tech’s position has not changed. Mike Leach has repeatedly admitted to actions that breached his contract with Texas Tech. The University worked to rectify the situation but Mike Leach was insubordinate and refused to cooperate. Texas Tech has paid Mike Leach every penny he is owed.”

The Board of Regents unanimously rejected Leach’s settlement offer.

Leach has hired Birmingham, Alabama-based attorney Stephen Heninger to replace Paul Dobrowski, who left Leach’s legal team in early January. Lubbock attorney Ted Liggett is still representing Leach as well.