Soon, members of the Lubbock City Council will start the process of putting together a budget. We already know that we will see an increase in just about all fees. We also know that taxes will go up because of the bond that Lubbock voters approved. What we don't know about, and what we should worry about is an even larger tax hike than expected. Two members are against raising taxes, but what about the rest and should you be worried? (more after the jump)

The answer is, yes. No one should be suprised when the issues of a large tax increase is brought up at City Hall. It's going to happen and it's going to be a huge issue in this city. There are at least two, some would say 3,  members on the council that are ready to spend money that we don't have and instead of putting off those plans, they want to raise taxes.

On the national level we discussed how raising taxes would be terrible for the economy and for the most part you agreed. What about on the local level? Does the same argument work? You bet it does and it's time that you stand up and make sure your voice is heard by the City Council. I don't see any reason to raise taxes right now, other than for the bonds that voters already approved.

So, exactly who is for raising taxes and who's against? We know that Mayor Martin and Councilman Beane are both firm against. As for those who are for it...

That's a bit tougher since right now, no one is going to go on the record for wanting to raise taxes. However, I think that both Councilman Hernandez and Councilman Floyd are FOR raising taxes. That leaves Klein, Gibson, and Gilbreath as the deciding factors. I could see Klein voting to raise taxes as long as the tax money goes to "benefit" the people. Gibson and Gilbreath are your two wild cards and I can really see Gibson voting to raise taxes as well.

This isn't the most conservative council Lubbock has had and I think voters will see that very soon. Of course by the time the voters see that, it might be too late.

It's time for you, the voters, to start sending emails and calling those on the City Council. Tell them not to raise taxes and if they do vote to raise taxes, they won't be re-elected. If they have a Facebook page, post messages on their walls saying the same thing. The time to act is now. This will be an issue soon and if you don't want your taxes to go up, then you have to start fighting.

By the way, I haven't even talked about LISD coming after your wallet... but they will.