The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) this afternoon announced the launch of an online database for use by Texas consumers.  The database is compiled with a list of what alcoholic beverage products are legal for sale in Texas and those products' alcohol content. The database can be accessed at this link:

The TABC also states the website can be a resource for parents when teaching their children about alcohol awareness.

"Some single malt beverage containers can be as much as 23.5 ounces at 12 percent alcohol by volume, which is the equivalent of almost five beers," explained TABC Assistant Administrator Sherry Cook. "It is important for responsible consumers to have the opportunity to educate themselves about what they are drinking, and for parents to understand what their children may be drinking."

Cook also stated, "Placing this new database on the TABC website is another step in the agency's ongoing efforts to be increasingly transparent and make more information accessible to the public. We believe that providing easy access to this information can prevent underage drinking, increase responsible adult consumption, and create a more-educated consumer base in general."