Three men were indicted this week for multiple felonies stemming from the alleged December 2014 heist of an armored car in Amarillo, Texas.

Trent Michael Cook, 24, Britt Michael Gresham, 24, and Brian Keith Hodge, 43, received the eight-count indictment Thursday, March 19, for their alleged roles in the December 22, 2014, Rochester Armored Car Company heist, said the Department of Justice. Hodge was identified as Cook's father.

Each man has been charged with one count of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by robbery, attempting to interfere with commerce by robbery, and one count of possessing firearms in furtherance of a violent crime.

A Department of Justice release said Rochester employee Trent Michael Cook purchased guns to threaten fellow employees in the heist and used his status to gain access to Rochester’s vault which contained millions in cash before robbing one of the company's armored cars. The three were planning on fleeing to Colorado after the heist in a van purchased by Cook and Gresham. Hodge was allegedly searching for a suitable hideout for the group.

Additionally, Cook and Gresham are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank theft each. Cook is also charged with three counts and Gresham one count of bank theft. Hodge is charged with one count of being an accessory after the fact.

All three men will make their initial court appearance in Amarillo next week. If convicted on the least of their charges, each man could face five-year sentence and a $250,000 fine.