Politics can have a place in the classroom, but geometry class is probably not of one them.

Samantha Pawlucy is headed back to class today after her geometry teacher asked to her leave the classroom for wearing a Romney T-shirt. The teacher is question has also written a letter of (half-hearted) apology.

Pawlucy, whose family had expressed concern for her safety, returned Tuesday after a rally that featured supporters singing the national anthem and reading the First Amendment — as well as shouts of supporters calling "Go, Sam!" and "You're great, Sam!"

The school's principal read students the letter of apology from geometry teacher Lynette Gaymon on Tuesday.

"I'm very sorry for all the chaos and negative attention that has surrounded the school in the past couple of weeks," she wrote. "What I meant as a light and humorous remark during class has developed into a huge conflict between students, faculty, parents and neighbors. My words were never meant to belittle Ms. Pawlucy, or cause any harm, and I truly regret that we have come to this point."

Pawlucy wore the pink "Romney/Ryan" shirt to "dress-down" day on Sept. 28. She said that during class, Gaymon pointed out the shirt, questioned why she was wearing it and told her to leave the classroom. Gaymon, Pawlucy said, said it was a "Democratic" school and compared it to wearing a "KKK" shirt.

Gee, maybe my sense of humor is a bit off here, but I do not consider any reference to the KKK as "light and humorous." Honestly, I don't really care which way a teacher leans politically. But when they try to force those beliefs on their students, or ridicule those who don't agree with their beliefs, that's when I have a problem with it.

That being said, I don't think we should keep politics out of the classroom altogether. Politics can make for some fantastic classroom discussion, as long as everyone keeps a level head about it and really focuses on the issues, not whether you're red or blue.