We've all heard the rumors about Twinkies being able to survive a nuclear explosion, or being able to stay fresh for years and years. But it looks like the one thing they can't survive is a strike.

Hostess, the snack food company that makes Twinkies, is asking the bankruptcy courts to get rid of its union contracts. In response, the Teamsters, who represent the Hostess employees, have promised that they will go on strike if the court throws out the labor deals.

...both management and the unions agree that the company is unlikely to survive a strike.

"We would no longer have cash to keep operating," said Hostess management in a letter sent to employees on Monday. "All Hostess Brands operations would shut down and liquidation would begin. The 18,500 jobs, plus the health insurance that comes with them, would be lost for good."

The company filed for bankruptcy in January, it's second trip to bankruptcy court since 2004. And management has said that the investors who are financing the company during bankruptcy would pull out if there is a strike.

If worse comes to worst for Hostess, better start stocking up on those Twinkies now. After all, if the rumors about Twinkies' shelf life are true, you'll still be eating them 10 years from now.