On Tuesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Steve McClaren and Rhonda Boggs from H&R Block spoke with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about preparing for tax season.

H&R Block has been in business since 1955, and offers a wide variety of tax filing and preparation services. Boggs said that, depending on where they are located in town, the tax preparers will focus on different areas, such as stocks and investments or business expenditures. She also gave out information about how to become a tax preparer for H&R Block.

H&R Block also specializes in keeping up with all the changes in the tax laws. McClaren said that since 2001, there have been nearly 5,000 changes to the tax laws, and if you do your taxes yourself, you may not be aware of all of the changes.

H&R Block has several locations throughout Lubbock, and one location in Slaton. For more information on their tax filing and preparation services, visit their website at hrblock.com.