On Thursday Lubbock City Council District 4 candidate Steve Massengale joined The Chad Hasty Show to talk about his views on many issues ahead for the city.

Massengale and Hasty discussed several issues, among them were annexation, downtown redevelopment and the accusations that Massengale is part of an investment group that will profit through redevelopment funded through taxpayer monies, the possibility of a new dirt-floor arena being built, the subject of public-private partnerships in building new facilities for the city, as well as LP&L and utilities management.

When asked about the downtown investment group that some say he is a part of, Massengale replied,

"I am not a part of that investment group. I am aware of that investment group, but I think their intentions are good. I do own property in downtown, but my property is actually east of I-27, if you consider that downtown, it's kind of adjacent to the Depot District. I think that you have to consider your position on that if you're elected, and if you are part of that group you probably should consider separating yourself from that group.

Listen to the entire interview with Steve Massengale in the video above.

You may find out more information about Steve Massengale and his campaign on his website.

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