On the Friday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, State Representative Charles Perry spoke with Chad Hasty about his re-election campaign for District 83.

Looking ahead to the next legislative session, Perry predicted that water and energy would continue to be the major issues of contention in the Texas House and Senate. He also anticipates transportation to become a major issue, as he explained there were several issues dealing with transportation that did not get resolved in the last session. Perry also shared his thought on a wide number of topics, including border security, gay marriage, and federal overreach in Texas.

One of the biggest criticisms Perry has faced from his opponent, Steve Massengale, is his cutting $5.4 billion from the education budget back in 2011. Perry explained that the state of Texas was still in a recession that year, and that the state had to make some tough choices in order to make ends meet. He added that the lack of funds for education was not due to spending cuts, but was due to the fact that there just wasn't enough money coming in.

"The state budget is driven by economy, and as the economy produces revenue, that's the revenue we have to appropriate. If there's no revenue, then there's no appropriation. If there's revenue, we appropriate. 2011 we were still in the deep recession, we were still at the bottom of it. We thought we'd be out of in 2009, because in 2009 the federal government sent 15 billion dollars to the state of Texas through stimulus dollars to bridge a gap that existed then. [In 2011], we came in, there was no $15 billion dollars in stimulus dollars, the hole was not filled, so at that point the tough decisions had to be made."

Perry did add, however, that that the distribution of funds for education was broken, and that hopefully by next legislative session the state will have come up a more equitable funding solution.

For more information on Charles Perry and his campaign for State Representative District 83, visit his website at electcharlesperry.com.

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