On Wednesday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, State Representative Charles Perry called in to discuss several issues. At the top of the list was the border crisis in the Unites States. Perry has made three visits to the border within the past four years, and has seen the situation close up. Perry believes that the federal government is not doing all it can do to lessen the crisis and it's impact on Texas. He believes Texas has stepped up taking action to curtail the cartel's influence, and the U.S. government has the responsibility to assist and reimburse the states for their expenses of calling out the National Guard.

We need to clean out the cartels, south of the border. We need to push them back and destroy them as the animals that they are, and then let American business go back in and rebuild the communities that were over there prior to the cartel running them out. Give people that economic viability that they desire and deserve and had before the cartel too them out, and let them go back home. They want that. They want to be back over there, they want their lives back. But that's the long term solution that doesn't seem to be getting to the federal government.

Perry also discussed his current campaign run for the State Senate District 28 seat. He believes that water will be a huge issue in the upcoming election, as well as school funding and leadership. Early voting for the state special election begins August 25th. For more information about Charles Perry, visit his website at electcharlesperry.com.

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