State Representative Drew Springer (R- Muenster) is currently crusading against Austin's newly-enacted ban on single-use plastic bags.

Yesterday, Rep. Springer appeared on Pratt on Texas on KFYO to discuss the issue. He said Austin's ban is a government overreach, "We're telling cities that before you think about going out and doing this (plastic bag ban), realize that the State of Texas has the ability to go back and address that. Environmentalists... probably have the best intentions at heart, but they lack doing any research. San Francisco did this and two years later they had more pollution from bags than they did before they banned them. They think it's good for environment, but it takes more energy and cost to manufacture that bag in China than it does to have a thin-filled (sic) bag manufactured in the State of Texas."

The most familiar plastic bags banned in Austin, are the thin plastic bags shoppers use at grocery and drug stores.

Rep. Springer has filed a bill which would overturn Austin's ban. So far, the bill hasn't moved out of committee.