Additional funding from the State of Texas has been approved for enhancements to North University Avenue.

More than $1 million is available for the construction of the planned enhancements.

The Texas Transportation Commission approved more than $478,000 for the project during its July 25th meeting.

Those funds are in addition to the City’s authorized funds of more than $548,500 for the project, adding up to nearly $1,063,000 available for the project.

Improvements will be made to sidewalks, curbs, gutters, and pavement, and other items such as trees, irrigation, and benches along University Avenue between Amherst Street to just short of U.S. Highway 82.

The City of Lubbock is now waiting for an Advanced Funding Agreement from TxDOT, and once that is approved, TxDOT will fund the work authorization and the project will begin.

The resolution supporting the funding request was approved by the Lubbock City Council at their November 8th, 2012 meeting.