Stage 2 Water Restrictions are now underway and have been since Sunday. Not everyone is a fan of the restrictions, but the City tells us that they are needed to get through this Summer since Lake Alan Henry isn't ready to go yet. So is everyone playing by the rules when it comes to the restrictions? Are your neighbors adhering the the restrictions? Are you? What will you do if you see someone violating the rules?

If you aren't sure what the restrictions are, let's go over them. According to Julie Fisher at KFYO News:

Under stage 2 restrictions, no washing of vehicles at residences, spraying down of buildings or hard surfaces, flushing gutters, or water use in fountains or ponds without aquatic life is allowed. Watering is only allowed between 6pm and 10pm, or anytime by hand.

Landscape irrigation is only allowed once a week with a limit of 1 and ½ inches of water and no significant runoff. These restrictions are expected to remain the same through September.

Below is a chart you can use to figure out when your address can use landscape irrigation. Irrigation schedules will be based on the last digit of the address:

  • 1 – Tuesday
  • 2 – Wednesday
  • 3/4 – Thursday
  • 5/6 – Friday
  • 7/8 – Saturday
  • 9/0 – Sunday

Example: 110 Main Street will water on Sunday.

73 Pine Avenue will water on Thursday. 5616 122nd Street will water on Friday.

So you tell us, has everyone been playing by the rules?