Sprouts Farmers Market in Lubbock is not allowing the open or concealed carry of handguns in the store.

A sign placed on the doors of the grocery story prohibits anyone with a CHL (concealed handgun license) from carrying a concealed weapon, as well as those with a license to open carry from entering the store.

Last summer, Whataburger made headlines when it decided to prohibit open carry in its restaurants. Concealed carry is still allowed inside the chain's locations.

This reminds me of how a friend in Graham, Texas posted on Facebook about a local business that had put up a similar sign.

My friend's argument was that a business is much more safe with customers who have a legal license to carry a concealed handgun or openly carry one than someone who isn't "above board" and could be entering their business with a concealed weapon and no license.

He argued that the businesses not allowing people compliant with the law to keep themselves armed could leave the door open to non-law-abiding citizens, thus leaving the business, its employees and customers open to theft or worse.

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